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About Us


I am Angel Hoodoo practitioner & Conjurer. Ancient Magick & Tarot is an online occult store with authentic products for wiccans, witches, voodoo, hoodoo, and pagans. We at Ancient Magick & Tarot believe in practicing balance between the lighter and darker sides of our inherent Creative Power and Reclaiming the Goddess. We also offer professional Spell Magic with Tarot, Pendulum and cowrie shells reading services available by appointment only.

Our goals are simple:

Ancient Magick & Tarot carry a wide variety of high-quality supplies for pagan, wiccan, witchcraft, hoodoo & "new age" products to our customers.   From jewelry and books to ritual supplies, we take pride in offering hundreds of products to our customers.  Our hope is to give our customers a one stop shop for all their ritual & metaphysical needs.  We source our products from a wide variety of artists and vendors to provide a unique shopping experience.  We are not a drop-shipper that simply passes your order along to another store for processing, we ship directly from our warehouse.

To protect the privacy of our customers.  We never sell your contact information to outside companies, and we will never call you unless there is a problem with your order. We do not send catalogs or advertisements to your physical mailing address. Unless you sign up for our newsletter, your e-mail address will only be used to send communication specifically related to orders placed on the site.

We thank you for visiting Ancient Magick & Tarot and hope that you enjoy your shopping experience!
Email: angel@ancientmagick.com 
(407) 376-4813

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