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Coming Soon! 8"x12" Pentagram pendulum map

Take the guesswork out of your pendulum readings with this fun and practical pendulum divination mat. Using a Pendulum is a wonderful way to open your mind to the ways of divination. This 11 1/2" x 7" black mat is great for all pendulums and has the Pentagram in the center. This mat folds [...]

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Agrimony Magick use in Voodoo

AGRIMONY is an herb that is said to turn back jinxes that have already been made, roots that have already been laid, and curses that have already been cast. Combined with Slippery Elm Bark, it is said to break spells involving Slander and Lies spread by back-biting enemies who are trying to trouble your marriage [...]

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Using High John for Luck

Take a High John the Conqueror RootUse High John OilUse Fast Luck or Lucky Gamblers oilWrap one dollar around the rootPlace the High John Root in a Green Flannel bag for great resultsCarry on your body, pockets, purse or keep in car for good luckLooking for a job carry with you in your purse or [...]

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NEW Tree of Life ouija board!

Tree of Life ouija boardThe classic spirit board components are arranged in a circle around a centerpiece of Celtic knot work and a Tree of Life. Cold cast resin, Glass. 13" x 2 1/4"

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NEW Upcoming Spirit Board!

Spirit Guide talking boardAnother stunning spirit board featuring the artwork of Lisa Parker. Comes with a Planchette. 15” x 15”

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NEW ARRIVAL! Les Vampires Oracle Deck

A stunning deck designed for those facing difficult decisions, upheaval in relationships or wishing to move away from draining careers, situations or people. Vampiric energies have often been feared and reviled, but today, the amazing creatures of Les Vampires are proving to be allies from the most mysterious of realms, helping many humans through their [...]

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Simple Loadstones Spell

Get 2 loadstones with magnetic sandPlace stones and sand in a green flannel bag to attract luck and money Dress with money drawing or fast luck oilPlace a dollar into the bag with the stones, sand and oil for stronger effectPlace stones in a red flannel bag to attract love Dress with come to me oil, attraction [...]

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(Set of 3) Red Sage, 4 inch, packaged A set of three small smudges made of white sage coated with dragon's blood resin, producing a beautiful dark red color. Each smudge is approximately 4 inches long. Comes bagged with header card.

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New Gothic Tarot Decks

 Dark Angel TarotVampires of Eternal NightGhost Tarot 

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New Ancient Magick Money Herb Mix!!!

Having a hard time trying to get money to come your way? Our Lucky 7 Magick Mix will help eliminate hard times! This special herbal blend will bring fast luck in games of chance, open doors for quick loan opportunities and drawing money for business and more. How to use: Burn as an incense, put [...]

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