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Mercury Dime Spell for Stopping Unseen Enemies!


This spell illustrates how to stop unseen enemies through dark magical workings. Drill a hole in 6 silver dimes and thread a red cord through it. Let the red cord soak for 7 days in protection oil, uncrossing oil or run devil run with herbal mix, then on the 7th day, with dimes attached, tie it around your ankle and wear it as a protective amulet so that you are not cursed by walking over powders.

If your silver dime turns black it indicates that someone tried to attack you with powders by sprinkling them in your tracks. (Many cursing powders contain sulfur aka brimstone which chemically interacts with silver to turn it black - which accounts for why your dime will turn black if you walk through cursing powders). If your dime turns black, clean it with ammonia to remove the negativity. To strengthen the spell, take an Uncrossing Herb Bath for 3 days, burn a uncrossing candle dressed with uncrossing oil with uncrossing herbs during this process before wearing your silver dime anklet again. Be sure to use a mercury dime minted before 1964 which makes your work have a lasting, but stronger effect. 

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