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To Keep Your Lover Home!


This spell will illustrate how to keep your lover home and stop wandering around with others. Keep him faithful and loving towards you.

  • Use jezebel root dressed in jezebel oil or stay at home oil to work on your desire.
  • Use commanding pepper in conjunction with the root and commanding oil.
  • Wrap a small picture of him/her with your desires written with a red pen or dove blood ink.
  • Use a red flannel bag with the mixture above then wear on body or carry in secret.
  • Burn a red candle accompanied with a white one for faster action. For more strength add a purple candle to your spell to gain longevity and strength for your relationship.
  • Use this mixture also to bury in front yard if you do not desire to wear. Keep magnolia leaves under your bed in a small wooden bowl to keep your home happy.
  • Feed your mixture by using candles and incense in a conjunction with your love mix to see results you desire. 

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